This hover mower is particularly useful for slopping ground and steep banks up to 45 degrees e.g. around the bunkers on a golf course. The deck is moulded of durable ABS plastic.


Self-propelled industrial commercial municipal extra heavy duty mower.

Two speed self-propelled industrial mower (low gear: 3.3 kph, high gear: 6.0 kph)


Residential, Commercial, Heavy-duty Grassbox Mower

PR46G - Grassbox model. PR46G is a well engineered grassbox model which is again a durable "Professional Hi-Vac chassis" all dressed up in blue with the MT110VLS 2 stroke engine with a double air filtration system plus snorkel with extra element. A one-piece pressed steel chassis makes for the perfect compromise between excellent strength and light weight, while the heat-treated swingback blades handle impact better to last longer. Large wheels will smooth out the most uneven lawn, and a wide discharge area prevents clogging.